Automate Your Counting Task

Counting Scales

Using Counting Scales

Reduce inefficient transportation to packaging stations and significantly reduce your staff’s involvement in parts counting with semi-automated counting directly at the production machine. Scales can control third-party devices such as conveyor belts and stop or redirect parts filling as soon as the target piece count is reached. They also can alert operators by controlling external lights or audible alarms. Tolerances such as target count or the average piece weight can be automatically called up from the article database by simply scanning a barcode or selecting an article ID.

Key Features & Benefits:
  • Scale-embedded or central database for up to 30,000 articles
  • Transaction memory to easily monitor all counting results
  • Easy import/export databases and transaction data to Microsoft® Excel® for further statistical analysis
  • Connectivity to external IT systems in various ways
  • Pre-defined and user-definable printing templates
  • PC-software DatabICS to easily configure the scale


Watch the scales in action: 

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