Brady Systems Going Paperless

New Service Software Allows Brady Systems to Go Paperless

February 6, 2013

Brady Systems announced today that it has implemented FieldOne’s Service Management system.  This new management optimization system allows Brady Systems to increase workforce efficiency and improve the customer’s service experience. The following features will have the most significant benefits for its customers:

Mobile Devices to Capture Customer Signature Electronically – Technicians are now equipped with mobile devices that allow them to capture all the details of the service performed.  These devices also allow for:

  • Electronic dispatching – Speeds up the dispatch process and allows Brady Systems to react quickly when you have an emergency.
  • Enhanced parts processing and tracking capabilities.
  • Enhanced communications with the field Technician. 


Going Paperless:

  • Better flow of information – All data is delivered electronically from the field to the back office. This significantly reduces the time to get information back to you.
  • Email delivery now available for most types of paperwork – service calls, service call confirmation, invoices, etc… 


New Reporting Options:

  • Equipment service history reporting allows Brady Systems to provide a detailed service report on each piece of equipment serviced.  This will enable you to make informed business decisions for older equipment such as replacing vs. repairing.
  • View reports such as service calls, invoices, and payments through the Customer Web Portal.


Customer Web Portal – One of the most exciting additions FieldOne brings is the introduction of a Customer Web Portal.  This portal allows customers to:

  • Place requests for service calls;
  • Receive automated emails with call status updates;
  • View service call, invoice, and payment history; and
  • View list of equipment serviced by Brady Systems


Customers can get access to the Customer Web Portal via the Internet by contacting Brady Systems at 800.522.7239 x 112 and ask for Alisa Lupia.

To learn more about FieldOne, click here.

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