Building Partnerships with a Valued Adviser

A large North American beef producer found itself in difficult circumstances: due to inaccurate information from a previous supplier. Some of its weighing operations were not legal-for-trade. Today, the company not only profits from compliant and durable processing solutions but also receives guidance on where it can save costs in the future.

Understanding the situation

building partnerships with a valued adviserManagement discovered that the floor scales recently purchased by the Company lacked legal-for-trade certification. Additionally, scale frames were not able to withstand accidental forklift hits, although they had supposedly been built for tough environments. Finally, meat chunks were getting lodged under weighing platforms, affecting accuracy.

The blend of requirements created a bit of a puzzle for a new METTLER TOLEDO salesperson; she admitted she needed to do a little research to ensure the package she presented would meet the company’s needs.

Providing more than expected

building partnerships with a valued adviserThe easiest solution for cleanability – a lift scale – would not be legal-for-trade. But an easy-open floor scale design would fit both hygiene and legal requirements. The company followed the new product proposal and installed four hygienically designed Vertex floor scales supporting legal-for-trade applications.

Additionally, the salesperson discovered that winter debris collecting around their truck scale was negatively influencing stock control. Today they are in the process of evaluating a new truck scale solution that will save the company money.

A relationship built on trust was the key to success

building partnerships with a valued adviserWhen asked why company management was so quick to award METTLER TOLEDO the business, the company liaison admitted, “It was your honesty. You were the first person that said you didn’t know. It was then that we knew you were going to make sure you had the right answers before trying to sell us anything.”

It was this relationship built on trust that finally assured management they would be able to meet regulatory, quality and profitability requirements on an ongoing basis.

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