Floor Scale Selection Tips

Image of woman cleaning underneath a stainless steel floorA floor scale is a major investment that, when chosen carefully, should provide reliable and accurate results throughout its lifetime. Of course, considerations should be made based on the manufacturer’s requirements and the applications in which the weighing platform will be used.

Weighing is a critical step in many chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing processes. It affects both process efficiency and final product quality. The selection of the weighing equipment depends on many factors and some are specific for floor scales. Experts at METTLER TOLEDO share the four key considerations for investing in floor scales.

1. Accuracy and reliability

The right floor scale is reliable and accurate, providing consistent quality, increased uptime and greater productivity. For the best weighing results, choose a scale with the highest accuracy and maximum precision, such as the PFK scale line from METTLER TOLEDO. This line of scales provides precision up to 6,000e / 7,500e in a single range. Also, consider the required capacity, and ensure the scale provides a broad weighing range for maximum flexibility.

 2. Accessibility of scale

Image of in-floor floor scale with lifting mechansium

The right floor scale will suit your needs for accessibility, whether your application requires fixed installation or an easy-to-lift or mobile solution. Mobile floor scales can be moved simply by lowering four wheels without mounting clamps or holes in the floor. They can be parked where needed and allow complete cleaning of the production floor. If you require flexibility when it comes to accessing the scale in your work environment, there are scales to meet your requirements.

3. Cleaning requirements

The right floor scale will enhance process safety. Floor scales used in wet and harsh environments are confronted with heavy loads, rough handling, and waste material. They are regularly flooded with water during cleaning procedures and must withstand harsh cleaning detergents and resist corrosion. Look for a scale with ingress protection from IP65 (for light wash-down procedures) to IP69k (for high-pressure cleaning), based on your needs. By choosing a hygienically designed scale, you can prevent cross-contamination. In some applications, it is critical to choose a scale designed for maintaining sanitation in wash-down areas. Rugged design and stainless-steel construction enable great scales to stand up to even dusty and humid industrial environments.

4. Platform profile

The right floor scale will make it easy for you to use. Your floor scale should be built to safely and quickly move loads on and off the platform. Ultra-low profiles and short ramps make it simple to load and unload goods.

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