Food Regulatory Compliance

How to profit from food legislation

At first sight food and beverages legislation and standards seem to involve huge costs, but a closer look reveals that they open up enormous benefits.

Awareness of food safety is growing continuously, resulting in FDA regulations and equipment design guidelines. This concern demands the use of safe and hygienic production equipment to comply with requirements and maintain brand advantage. We provide you with the right portfolio of solutions, so that today’s investments achieve a return tomorrow.

ICS469 Column FrontHygienic requirements

Minimizing biological and chemical contamination risks through easy cleaning of equipment is an important topic in the manufacturing environment. Our solutions fulfill the latest hygienic design guidelines (e.g. 304 stainless steel, easy-to-clean construction) and are proven to be resistant to heavy cleaning procedures.

Net content controlIND469SQC_oliven_l_gross_jpg

Not only is your brand’s reputation in danger if you are underfilling, but it also exposes you to NIST HB 133 MAV fines and possible product recalls. Extend your competitive advantage with our cutting-edge net content control systems, which not only help avoid underfilling but protect you from losing money by unnecessary overfilling.

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The government and consumers are increasingly concerned about safe food. For example, if contaminated raw materials are received, identification of all sourced components is fundamental to ensure fast product recall, limiting damage to your reputation. Let us help establish reliable traceability data with scales as identification points for data collection and for clear labeling of all goods.

Calibration and maintenance

Any equipment critical to product safety, legality and quality must be periodically maintained and verified. This verification confirms regulatory compliance, while dramatically increasing equipment uptime. With our industry standard calibration services and preventative maintenance plans, you get conformity to GMP, net weight legislation, and peace-of-mind.

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