Forklift Scales Save Time, Money and Space

Save Time, Money and Space – Switch to Forklift Scales

When time is money, and space is a logistics company’s most valuable asset, both must be optimized wherever possible. Making the move from floor scales to forklift scales is an easy way to speed up pallet handling and save money and space.

Save Five Minutes per Pallet and Reduce Transport Time

VFS120 Forklift Scales SaveWeighing pallets using a floor scale often means going out of your way. With a scale installed on your forklift, you skip the extra trip. Weight is captured as the pallet is transported to its loading or storage location, significantly reducing transport time.


Save $500 in Labor Costs per Day and Optimize Labor Resources

VFS120 Forklift Scales SaveSpeeding up pallet weighing allows you to increase capacity and revenue. Additional cost savings are realized through optimization of labor resources and a reduction of used energy when forklifts do not need to be driven to a dedicated weighing station.


Save 50 Meters of Transport per Pallet and Win Floor Space

VFS120 Forklift Scales SaveStationary scales take up permanent floor space and require dedicated paths to and from the weighing station. Forklift scales can be used during regular loading and transport runs, significantly reducing the space needed and distance traveled to weigh pallets.



Robust and Rugged – Unbeatable Forklift Scales

METTLER TOLEDO forklift scales have raised the bar for onboard weighing in tough industrial environments. Rugged design combined with a three-point suspension helps the scale to keep its calibration for 12 months, withstanding bumps, knocks and even crashes.

A large safety window allows the driver to safely position, load and transport pallets. The scale’s simple hang-on design makes it possible to install it on almost any forklift truck.

VFS120 Forklift Scales SaveVFS120 Benefits

Low Cost of Ownership

  • Minimal maintenance, built to last-Tough and Reliable
  • Keeps working when other scales break down

Designed for Safe Operation

  • High visibility window for safe loading & driving

Accuracy over Time

  • Holds calibration for one year without adjustment


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