Form+ Formulation Software for Manual Batching

Improve Production Yield and Ensure Batch Quality

Form+ formulation software pouring ingredient onto scale

Paper-based formulation systems are prone to errors due to simple human error and unreadable handwriting. Operators must focus on producing high-quality products and documenting the projection results.  In the case of an issue, you must go through these documents manually. This can be extremely time-consuming.

With Form+ formulation software, your operators can focus on products without being distracted by typical documentation requirements. This gives you reliable, traceable, automatically stored data.

Eliminate mistakes

Form+ software allows you to provide clear operating instructions for each critical step, so batches are produced the same way every time.  This minimizes the need for retraining operators. They follow the procedures they already know. You can control the sequence of weighing or allow the operator to choose for more flexibility.

  1. Reduce or eliminate reliance on paper procedures and documentation.
  2. Define operator instructions in central recipe management
  3. East to follow prompts guide operators directly on the weighing scale

Form+ formulation software


Form+ is designed for food and chemical manufacturers that want to:

  • Reduce human errors
  • Have flexibility in recipes to allow you to process each material individually the way you are used to
  • Provide clear and defined steps for operators
  • Provide traceability to individual raw materials
  • Interface with ERP/MES Systems

Supporting hardware

Form+ formulation software with IND930-10The Form+ formulation software connects to any number of IND930-10 terminals.  Each terminal can support up to 4 scales and connects to your network via Ethernet. It can manage an unlimited number of materials and recipes.  Form+ allows you to weigh in both horizontal and vertical modes. You can also use pre-weight materials, like bags from your supplier, without weighing them.

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