Fun Food Beyond Refreshing With Complete Formulation Control

Formulation ControlAs the “Makers of Fun Food” experienced a growing business volume, The Jel Sert Company was not about to sacrifice the product quality that has long been one of their trademarks. A FormWeigh.Net® formulation system was installed which enabled them to achieve improved efficiency, quality, and traceability of their formulation process.

Formulation ControlFrom humble beginnings in 1926, the Jel Sert Company has been a family-owned private business dedicated to providing high-quality and high-value food products. Their manufacturing facility located in West   Chicago, Illinois, USA produces freezer bars, desserts, and beverage mixes. Brand names such as Fla-vor-Ice and Otter Pops have been well-known for generations.

Improved batching control with high visibility

With the increase in production demands due to growing business and a commitment to maintain product quality, the company needed to gain greater control in its manufacturing processes. A reduction in clerical activities, elimination of documentation errors, and prevention of batch mistakes were goals for improvement. Jel Sert decided to invest in METTLER TOLEDO’s FormWeigh.Net formulation system. “We needed a system to help streamline and control our formulation process, while at the same time providing greater visibility and traceability of our raw material management”, says Andy Rush, Executive VP of Operations.

Dramatically reduced error rate

Precise ingredients verification

Precise ingredients verification

Jel Sert installed six weighing stations, including two mobile stations, with the FormWeigh.Net software and ID30 industrial PC terminals. Each station also has weighing platforms, barcode readers and label printers attached for process tracking. The system guides the operators through each step of the formulation process to ensure a quality batch. Blending Manager Carlos Fregoso states that the batch accuracy has improved dramatically over the past 15 months and nearly 33,000 batches since the system was installed. “Errors are eliminated by scanning ingredients through the system. Wrong or expired ingredients are not allowed into the batch being weighed”, explains Carlos.

Higher weighing efficiency

Efficient raw materials filling station with ID30

Efficient raw materials filling station with ID30

Efficiency of the weighing operations was improved as well. Raw material tracking labels are printed automatically, and replace previously handwritten information. The labels make prefilled bags easier to identify on the production floor. A manufacturing report is also printed automatically in the QA lab after each batch is weighed, providing a record of all raw material lot numbers and quantities used in the batch.

More time for other projects

Erika Sherer, QA Manager, points out that FormWeigh.Net® has allowed for more efficient use of available resources in the lab. “Instead of time used for verifying and manually transcribing lot numbers into the system, resources are now available to work on QA related projects, like performing incoming ingredient analysis and other process improvement projects.” Of course the complete electronic documentation is a benefit that Erika cannot overlook. “We now have a very robust tracing process for our ingredients with a higher than ever recovery rate of raw material.” With FormWeigh.Net®, complete control is maintained in the streamlined manufacturing process and Jel Sert can continue to efficiently fulfill the high quality expectations of their customers.

 image of dietsnapple_flavors boxImage of Royal_Pudding box

Key customer benefits for FormWeight.Net®

  • Consistent product quality with predictable results
  • Increased production efficiency
  • Prevention of material waste
  • Elimination of bad batches
  • Complete and automatic traceability
  • Clear, concise representation of the formulation process
  • Assured product safety and integrity


Fast Facts for FormWeight.Net®

  • Flexible configuration to match the production process
  • Hardware options tailored to workplace environment
  • Modular software for scalability
  • Robust network architecture with a centralized database
  • Fully searchable electronic documentation
  • Seamless ERP integration
  • Fast ROI < 12 month


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