GWP – Good Weighing Practices

Good Weighing Practices in Modern Industry

Have you ever wondered if you have the right scale for your application?  Does it give you the accuracy you need?  Can you use one scale for all of your weighing needs? Will it comply with industry regulations?

Choosing the right scale, especially if you need a high level of accuracy and performance can mean that you need to look at a multitude of variables.  The video presentation below, Good Weighing Practices in Modern Industry, addresses and explains all of the variables that should be taken into consideration when choosing a scale.

These videos were part of presentation given by Michael Taylor of METTLER TOLEDO.  The quality of the video is a bit dark, but the audio and the material presented are excellent.  The original presentation is about 50 minutes in length.  We have broken it into five parts.  Below is a quick summary of the topics covered in each part.

  • Part 1 – General introduction and how GWP affects accurate and efficient weighing
  • Part 2 – Picking the right scale for the right accuracy
  • Part 3 – Discusses Measurement Uncertainty, general weighing terms, and minimum weight
  • Part 4 – Talks about how UPS regulations and safety factors effect scale choice
  • Part 5 – How to test your equipment for the best results


You can find all five videos on our YouTube channel.  Here is the link:

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