ICS465 Counting Scale – Assisted Quality Checks

Accuracy on Time, Every Time

Shipping electronic parts around the globe just in time isn’t an easy task, even for logistics experts. Counting scales speed up parts picking while ensuring accuracy in one of Switzerland’s most modern warehouses.

ICS465 counting scale db schenker logoCovering nearly 415,000 square feet, the DB Schenker warehouse in Switzerland offers land transport, air and ocean freight, contract logistics, and customs services under one roof. This modern warehouse provides enough space for speedy handling of high-tech goods, pharmaceutical products, and other industrial components. Time-critical and just-in-time shipments are everyday challenges.

Background: Handling parts orders

CIS465 counting scale quality checksElectronic parts are often very small in size and high in value. When shipped around the world, customers expect their shipments to be correct. Sending back an incomplete shipment or waiting for missing parts to arrive causes production delays. To prevent these issues, it is essential to count even the smallest parts accurately before orders leave the warehouse.

Challenge: Accurate and speedy picking

When an order arrives at the warehouse, efficiency is critical. Often there are only a couple of minutes from order entry to shipping. During this time, workers must check documents, pick from more than 6,000 articles including pieces less than one gram, count correctly, label, and immediately send them out. This means logistics workers have to operate precisely under immense time pressure.

Solution: High-precision scale

DB Schenker prepared sophisticated standard operating procedures, and provided operator training on the trusted METTLER TOLEDO ICS465 Counting Scale. The scale and advanced Monobloc load cells guarantee accuracy and speedy handling when counting parts weighing less than one gram. DB Schenker satisfies its customers worldwide and makes sure their packages are never missing pieces.

Quality checks with scales

Use scales as a quality checkpoint in your company and prevent costly recalls or customer complaints. Scales can check:

  • Completeness of packages, kits, and shipping boxes
  • Integrity of parts and components
  • Application of fluids and lubricants
  • Completeness of assemblies

ICS465 Counting Scale

ICS465 counting scale quality checksThe ICS465 Counting Scale is perfect for quality-check applications in warehousing, production, and packaging. It features an internal database, alibi memory storage, color-coded weighing result indication, and connectivity to printers and scanners.

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