ICS466x Hazardous Area Terminal

You Can Have it All –┬áHazardous-Area Safety and Performance

Imaged of ICS466x scale with baseTo ensure the greatest protection against explosion risks, weighing equipment must comply with hazardous-area regulations. Some safety concepts, however can influence weighing performance. The new ICS466x weighing terminal combines excellent safety properties with uncompromised weighing performance.

Operating in harsh, corrosive and hazardous environments with either high concentrations of explosive gas or dust mixtures requires equipment specifically designed to prevent explosions. The ICS466x combines extreme temperature resistance with an intrinsically safe design to comply with current hazardous-area regulations. Designed for ease of use, the terminal features high-speed and high-precision measuring technology to ensure fast weighing and consistent measurement quality.

Full protection and full performance

To ensure safe operation in potentially explosive environments, weighing system components must provide an appropriate level of protection. Intrinsic safety is the only protection method that limits power output. It prevents sparks or temperature increases within the electrical circuit that could ignite the surrounding atmosphere. Intrinsic safety is the method of choice when operating in hazardous areas.

High uptime and efficient maintenance

Image of the ICS466x scale terminal frontFurthermore, intrinsically safe equipment enables efficient maintenance in hazardous areas without the need to interrupt the power supply and obtain a gas-clearance certificate. This especially applies to instrumentation because fault finding on de-energized equipment is more complex and time-consuming. In addition, the high-quality stainless-steel housing of the ICS466x protects against corrosion and IP65 ingress protection prevents dust or water from penetrating and damaging the scale. The manufacturer benefits from improved process uptime and reduced maintenance costs.

Modular and customizable

Image of ICS466x with scale base and power supplyThe ICS466x can be easily customized to a wide range of industrial weighing applications in hazardous areas, including basic weighing, over/under checkweighing, and manual filling and totalizing. Its modular setup facilitates additional customization options. The terminal can be seamlessly combined with compact bench scales, high-precision platforms and a wide range of floor scales. In addition, a comprehensive range of intrinsically safe components are available to build a customized, safe and ergonomic weighing system.

Productivity and quality

Precise weighing, mixing or manual filling of multiple recipe ingredients is crucial not only for final product performance but also to save on raw material costs and ensure consistent, repeatable results. The ICS466x is designed to help increase productivity and product quality through an intuitive operating menu, multi-color backlit display and bar graph capabilities that indicate fill status, as well as multi-scale functionality. The ICS466x meets complex application requirements without any functional restrictions in hazardous areas.

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