IND780batch Compliant Batching and Control

Compliant Batching and Control In Regulated Environments

IND780batch on plant floor

A batch controller with reporting functions provides crucial performance monitoring. The new software pac Batch-780 for the IND780 weighing terminal handles and controls multi-scale batching processes while tracking and tracing in compliance with your regulations.

Batching processes are becoming increasingly regulated by government agencies. Having a batch controller that can monitor and collect information from the process is therefore critical. A batch controller able to track raw materials through the batch process down to its final product, or a system that can trace the final product back to its source has become more important than ever. Making these features available in a batch controller enhances a manufacturer’s ability to quickly access the data, identify a potential source of non-compliance, and allow him to quickly remedy the situation. By raising the security level in the batch process the downtime is minimized eliminating material lot issues or other processing problems.

Designed for process

IND780batch control boxThe new Batch-780 software pac is designed to meet any process-based application, maximizing productivity and minimizing operating costs. Batch-780 is capable of handling and controlling multi-scale batching and any combination of multi-material filling, manual formulation, blending, or dosing simultaneously on four scales without the need for an additional PLC. Plus, regulatory compliance is guaranteed at all times by the automated generation of history and audit reports.

Your benefits
  • Guaranteed product quality
  • Compliance
  • Tracking and tracing of the batch throughout the production process


Data integrity protection

Frequently, to protect a company’s intellectual property or prevent an operator from inadvertently accessing the system configuration and interfering with the process, key information is made inaccessible to them. The IND780batch controller allows for specific setup:

  •  Extent of information displayed to the operator
  •  Access level protection for different personnel levels.


In the event that the batch process has changed and quality has degraded, supervisors can quickly troubleshoot by running a change log report to determine when configuration changes were made and by whom.

In-spec production

IND780batch provides a user interface that can guide the operators step-by-step through the batch. In addition, IND-780batch comes with METTLER TOLEDO’s patented control algorithms that ensure consistent material transfer for all of your batches, preventing over- and under-filling. Your production system operates at peak performance delivering the expected quality and preventing “bad batches” from occurring. This level of safety and security has become critical for “best-in-class” batch manufacturing processes.

No need of a PLC

The IND780batch is capable of controlling directly up to four filling devices simultaneously without the need for a PLC. High-speed filling, fast update rates, and multiple-speed capabilities ensure that the target weights are achieved quickly and accurately with extremely precise cut-offs. Costly overfilling is minimized and the whole system works faster, more efficiently, and with a higher degree of flexibility. Plus, the investment costs related to installation and wiring are drastically reduced.

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