Integrated Counting Solutions

Punctual deliveries that you can rely on thanks to the integrated counting solution

The Swiss company Gewitec – the clamping and slotted nut specialist – relies on the efficient and flawless storage of its products. This is where METTLER TOLEDO weighing systems lend a hand and support Gewitec in delivering its products punctually and reliably; giving this innovative company a real competitive edge.

Delivering our customers’ orders on time is what makes our production profitable. For products to be delivered across the globe, there is a need for creative logistics and shipment solutions. To achieve this objective, Gewitec relies on an innovative partner that has years of experience under its belt. The experienced counting specialists at METTLER TOLEDO were able to meet Gewitec’s requirements in full.

Image of person scanning a label in a counting scale applicationGewitec‘s requirements

Mr. Beat Rüfli, logistics manager at Gewitec, describes his requirements as follows: “In terms of the counting solution, we required a reliable, user-friendly and efficient approach. We have been provided with a comprehensive, intuitive and easy-to-operate weighing solution that is fully networked with Sage, our ERP software system.”

Image of a label printerEfficient and error-free storage

The manufactured parts are stored in standardized containers and their tare weight is then adjusted within a narrow tolerance (+/- 5 g). Mr. Rüfli explains, “We rely on the weight of the containers being constant where possible, so that the piece number can be determined reliably and accurately. Otherwise, the seeds for counting errors will have already been sown.” The counting procedure itself is extremely simple: Staff members place baskets onto the scale and select the product on the production order using the barcode scanner. The scale automatically calls up the saved parameters, such as the tare weight and the reference weight, and calculates the piece number. All this takes just a split second. The system then prints off two labels with the date, time, product number, piece number and product name. The label serves both as documentation for the storage order and as the container label.”

Image of person applying a Manifest LabelIntuitive and easy to operate

Thanks to the barcode scanner, all that needs to be operated at the IND465 weighing terminal is the label printer. The rest of the system is set automatically. Mr. Rüfli: “We couldn’t wish for a more efficient procedure. The work required by our staff members is kept to a minimum with the self-explanatory weighing process and, what’s more, they are always able to rely on accurate piece numbers for stored products.” 

Image of computer running the METTLER TOLEDO SmartManager SoftwareFully integrated

An additional requirement was to integrate the counting solution into the existing ERP system so that master data for products could continue to be managed centrally. With the SmartManager application and configuration software from METTLER TOLEDO, product and scale data can be conveniently monitored on the PC. The software not only enables the scale to be easily configured but also establishes a network with existing product management systems. “By connecting the SmartManager to our ERP system, we are saving the expense of a dual product management system, assuring the quality of our master data and at the same time benefitting from an end-to-end and easy-to-use counting solution,” explains Mr. Rüfli, who then goes on to say, “The professional support provided by METTLER TOLEDO’s counting specialists has impressed us across the board and means that we now have a solution that is better than we could have ever imagined.”

In addition to this, Gewitec is now testing the integration of the counting system into the warehouse management system. A final word from Mr. Rüfli: “At Gewitec, our aim is to continuously improve our processes. Thanks to the counting solution we have now, we will also be able to fulfill this objective. The weighing system can be used flexibly in terms of its location, be supplemented by a wide range of accessories such as roller conveyors or additional weighing stations, and can thus be adapted to changing ambient conditions in no time at all. Day in and day out, our customers in the automobile and aviation industry, in mold making and tool manufacturing, and in the wood industry are benefitting from this flexibility, as they are always able to count on reliable and punctual deliveries.”

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image of an Integrated Counting Solution

An integrated counting solution ensures efficient and flawless product storage