InTouch Remote Equipment Monitoring

Keep Production Running with InTouch Remote Equipment Monitoring

InTouch Remote Equipment MonitoringWhen an incident makes a weighing device fail or deliver undetected false measurements, the consequences to quality and productivity can be critical. Cloud-based remote equipment monitoring identifies potential issues before they influence product quality and uptime.

What if you could prevent unwanted downtime in critical production processes? Intelligent measuring devices make it possible by initiating preventative maintenance actions before problems occur. METTLER TOLEDO weighing terminals with embedded InTouchSM Remote Services connectivity can send alerts to remote service technicians or internal personnel. Performance issues are immediately addressed, which means more uptime and fewer unforeseen expenses. Protected by proven IT security measures, InTouch securely improves your performance and uptime by keeping production running, avoiding unplanned downtime and planning repair at the right time for your business.

InTouch Remote Equipment Monitoring

Remote Services for Weighing Equipment

Examples of events monitored to ensure the health of your weighing assets include:

  • RAM battery critically low
  • Calibration expiration/test dates
  • Control limit failures/capacity issues
  • I/O communication errors
  • Low-level load-cell excitation
  • Zero captured during calibration
Terminals with remote service capabilities

InTouch Remote Equipment MonitoringMETTLER TOLEDO weighing terminals, including the IND570 and IND780 with InTouchSM Remote Services, are ideally suited for applications that require little downtime. Alerts and events will no longer go unnoticed. When a problem is detected, you are automatically informed. Depending on the services you choose, either you can take the required action or our service center technicians may resolve the issue remotely or dispatch a field technician.

InTouch Remote Equipment MonitoringIND570

InTouch Remote Equipment MonitoringIND780

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