METTLER TOLEDO Collect+ Software

Data-Driven Decisions

New Software for Process Visualization

Increased process awareness allows manufacturers to maintain high product quality and profitable operations. New data collection and visualization software can help you easily collect and monitor relevant weighing data from your shop floor to gain better visibility into your daily production processes.

Problems in production efficiency may go undetected without the right visibility in to your manufacturing processes. Product giveaway, material waste and process variances can cost your business valuable time and money.

METTLER TOLEDO Collect+ Software

Easy data collection

Collect+™ is new data-collection software that captures production-weight and process data from every device on your shop floor, enabling you to have transparency into your production process. Scales and other production devices can be connected to a central data repository so that all production information is in one place. Track the product giveaway in your production line, monitor the material levels in your silo farm or ensure that each weighing operation remains within your defined process expectations.

Visualization from anywhere

Collect+™ provides you with a built-in dashboard tool to create real-time visualizations of your process data. These dashboards can be tailored to your operation to bring a new perspective to your processes. They can be viewed from anywhere in your plant – even on tablet PCs. With simple drag-and-drop functionality, you can create graphs, add icons and build gauges to highlight actual process parameters and recognize potential deviations. Different views for every role, whether a quality manager or production supervisor, enable you to make informed business decisions.

Simply install the software on a single PC, connect your devices and discover what’s really happening in your production from anywhere in your plant.

Article from the METTLER TOLEDO Bulk Foods Newsletter 18

METTLER TOLEDO Collect+ software