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colorWeight® Hits the Sweet Spot

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A private label food packaging company in Western NY had a problem. It needed to find a way to speed up packaging without sacrificing accuracy. Its packaging process involved putting a container on a scale, taring the weight of the container, then having the operator fill the container to the correct weight. The operator had to watch the weighing display closely to make sure the container was filled to the correct weight. Under its current operating procedures, the process of getting to the correct net weight was taking too long. The company needed to add additional lines to its production and realized that it couldn’t continue using the same technology. That’s when it contacted Brady Systems.

Brady Systems visited its facility, watched its operation, and suggested the METTLER TOLEDO ICS colorWeight® checkweighing scale. This scale uses a color display to let the operator know when the package is filled to the correct net weight. Not enough product, the scale shows a red display, too much product shows a yellow display. The display turns green when the net weight is within the target weight range. Brady left a demo ICS colorWeight® scale at the customer’s facility for testing purposes. It was apparent right away that its old scales could not compete with the speed and accuracy of the ICS scales. This company is in the process of adding ICS colorWeight® scales to its production facility and is looking forward to the ease of use, increased accuracy, and increased throughput the ICS colorWeight® checkweighing scale will deliver.

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ICS449 – Checkweighing Scale

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