Advanced Formulation Solutions – Easy Compliance and Process Traceability

Fast-changing consumer preferences, pressure from regulatory authorities and growing awareness of consumers about their health force pharmaceutical manufactures to improve their production processes and take precautions to ensure correct formulation procedures are used.

METTLER TOLEDO FormWeigh.netThe correct formulation and weighing procedure, along with the centralized database and relevant documentation process are prerequisites to guarantee consistent product quality, process safety and stability as well as to increase flexibility and productivity. Weighing software FormWeigh.Net® supports full tracking and tracing of material and processes based on generation of comprehensive documentation of all production steps from goods receiving to end-products shipment.

Expandability and connectivity

Whether you start with a stand-alone one-weighing station system or a fully networked multi-user dispensing system, FormWeigh.Net® and IND890 support your operators effectively in their daily routines. Reproducible product quality can be achieved without any headache. A user-friendly human-machine interface allows operating quickly and securely. As a wide range of scales, printers and barcode readers can be connected to the new industrial weighing terminal IND890, your weighing station can be designed to meet your individual needs. System expansions can be made without interaction with other running components. Finally, FormWeigh.Net® can be easily integrated into your ERP system with a dedicated and configurable ERP Gateway.

Industry standard network

METTLER TOLEDO FormWeigh.netAll components of the FormWeigh.Net®/ IND890 system communicate with the centralized database through the industry standard Ethernet LAN. System clients such as master stations, dispensing or production stations, exchange production data with the data server and control the connected devices including balances, scales, label printers and barcode readers. As a Windows-compliant application, FormWeigh.Net® and IND890 can take full advantage from all standard resources, such as network printers to print reports and data.

Secure guidance through recipe structure

Even in complex dispensing and formulation operations, FormWeigh.Net® keeps track of the current status of the application and guides the operator step-by-step through the process. Nothing can get lost or forgotten. Each step as well as the full operation are entirely documented and can be traced at any time. This reduces the danger of human errors, and the detailed online instructions, on the screen, enable to personnel to work stress free. Written instructions, precautions to be taken as well as safety and danger symbols are clearly indicated on the terminal, e.g. when handling hazardous or toxic materials.