Filling Control Improves Efficiency and Ensures Quality

METTLER TOLEDO ICS CheckweighersWith three manufacturing plants in cities throughout Colombia, Meals de Colombia is one of the largest dairy companies in the country with very well-known brand recognition. Its reputation for quality has made it the choice of discerning consumers. Meals de Colombia uses METTLER TOLEDO’s manual checkweighers to meet the latest quality guidelines and to ensure a safe and hygienic production.

image of METTLER TOLEDO ICS Checkweighers fact boxThe ice cream manufacturing plant houses several production lines on which different varieties and packaging types are produced. METTLER TOLEDO outfitted the Crem Helado production line with two ICS669 and four ICS469 scales to ensure that the legally required net content conditions are fulfilled and that production efficiency increases.

METTLER TOLEDO ICS CheckweighersIt works by weighing tubs of ice cream to ensure that customers always receive the correct amount of product, and intermittent variations are monitored with METTLER TOLEDO’s colorWeight® technology to avoid expensive overfilling. Meals de Colombia representatives say they are pleased with the results of using colorWeight®, which helps reduce operator fatigue, guarantees the accuracy of weighing and eliminates errors. It also ensures all weighing is done more safely and more quickly.

ColorWeight Technology

What does colorWeight technology tell manual operators? First, tolerance data is programmed on the balance. If the display lights up red, it indicates that the product is under the permitted net content, allowing the operator to make the necessary adjustment. If the display lights up yellow, it indicates overfilling, which affects profitability. Finally, if the display lights up green, it means the product is within the tolerances defined by the production process. Complete with IP69K protection, hermetically-sealed load cells, open design and compliance with EHEDG* and NSF* international standards, the scale family ensures compliance with the strict hygiene and washing requirements involved in manufacturing dairy foods. As an ISO certified company, Meals de Colombia follows strict HACCP procedures, integrated seamlessly into those processes. Furthermore, the entire weighing station may be washed with pressurized water at the same time as the filling machine, dramatically reducing cleaning time.

METTLER TOLEDO offers Meals de Colombia warranty service and backup through our authorized distributor in Colombia, which has more than 70 years of experience in the market. Its qualified technicians and product specialists advise on how to select, design and implement solutions, so the company can benefit from uninterrupted production in the most efficient manner possible – and consumers can keep enjoying Crem Helado ice cream.

*EHEDG: European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group

*NSF: National Sanitation Foundation