Save Resources with the IND780batch Terminal

Image of the METTLER TOLEDO IND780Batch terminalWith rising raw material prices, reducing waste and eliminating mistakes become more and more essential. The IND780batch terminal saves resources by controlling your batching processes automatically, or by guiding the user through manual processes.

Batch processing requires a control solution that manages not only recipes but also weighing scales, valves, and order management. The IND780batch terminal offers a solution for all these requirements and improves your processes.

Automatic control

The IND780batch terminal is very flexible and supports 999 material paths and 28 automatic material feeds. It can control automated processes, material feeders or valves making sure that the material flow is constant as well as other auxiliary equipment. Additionally, the terminal provides conditional control tasks, go-to commands and timing functions.

Manual control

If your application does not include integrated automation, the IND780batch supports processes where an operator can add material manually. The IND780batch will guide the operator with instructions on the display through the manual batching process, eliminating human errors and costly re-work.


Up to 1000 recipes can be stored in the terminal. The terminal then precisely controls the mixing process according to the stored recipes. Both vertical and horizontal applications can be managed. The IND780batch does not need a PLC or DCS connection as it provides a fully integrated batch control solution itself. For easy article recall and when tracking and tracing matters a barcode scanner can be connected to the terminal. An included PC configuration tool allows easy management of batching data on the computer. It can be used for as many IND780batch terminals as you like.

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