METTLER TOLEDO Introduces the ICS5 Scale Family

Image of the ICS5 Scale Family


(Mettler Toledo: Columbus, OH) — METTLER TOLEDO is offering five new scale models in the ICS family. The new ICS5 models feature user menus, flexible software, and configurable components, ensuring easy integration into even the most complex industrial production lines.

Large alpha-numeric keyboards and clear readouts promote ease of use. METTLER TOLEDO colorWeight® technology enables operators to quickly determine whether a weighing or counting result is below, within, or above the set target.

ICS5 menus are intuitive and make finding and performing specific operations easy. Free, definable soft keys provide operators with the ability to quickly access often-used functions, eliminating hunting and pecking for multiple keys. Optional user prompts guide operators step-by-step through every required function, improving accuracy and even safety when working with volatile materials. User management can also be initiated to allocate rights and profiles to different users, which adds a level of security to the weighing process.

The flexible ICS5 scale terminal and platform can be mounted as a compact, standalone, or separate component for easy placement among other equipment or for enhanced ergonomics. Battery cases allow mobile and cable-free operation, even in the most remote corners of a warehouse facility. Digital interfaces can connect to IT systems, additional scales, and label printers at any point along a manufacturing line.

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