MS-TS BalanceMETTLER TOLEDO announced last week the introduction of its new MS-TS line of analytical and precision balances. These balances are a direct replacement for the NewClassic MS balance line.

The most striking feature of these balances is its 7” TFT color touchscreen display.  It can be operated through cotton, silicon, and rubber gloves.  Combined with an intuitive user interface and 18 mm digits, this balance brings comfort to your daily task.

Other features of these balances include:

  • Full metal cases that make them perfect for heavier task in the laboratory or out on the factory floor
  • Built in application and weighing guides to help operators to reduce human error
  • A built-in LevelControl function that issues a warning when the balance is not level and provides onscreen guidance to help you level the balance correctly within seconds.
  • An ISOLog function to maintain a record of all weighing relevant changes to the balance’s setting.
  • An wide range of connectivity options including USB device, USB host, RS232, optional Bluetooth adaptor for wireless connectivity, and a PC direct application


Watch this short video to learn more:

Visit the Brady Systems e-store for additional information and product specifications.

MS-TS Balance MS-TS Analytical Balances

MS-TS Balance MS-TS Precision Balances