Recycling Operation Turns Debris into Cash


Demands for reduced cost and environmental protections are driving the increased recycling of construction and demolition debris. A recycling center in Illinois is meeting that demand efficiently with the help of a METTLER TOLEDO truck scale.

C&D Recycling processes debris that is generated during the construction or demolition of buildings, roads and bridges. Many of the materials in the debris can be recovered and used to make new products. Recycling the debris reduces construction and disposal costs while protecting the environment by keeping reusable material out of landfills.

Located 20 miles north of Chicago in Northbrook, Illinois, C&D Recycling runs one of the state’s most advanced facilities for processing construction and demolition debris. In business since 2007, the company is owned and operated by Nancy Hirsch, Larry Hirsch and Sam Sciarretta.

C&D Recycling uses state-of-the-art equipment that provides its customers with efficient service and competitive pricing. Covering the Greater Chicago area, the facility provides recycling services for drop-off and roll-off debris from construction and demolition sites. The primary types of debris processed are wood, brick, concrete, masonry, drywall, cardboard, plastic, roofing, siding and metals.

High Traffic Volume

More than 100 trucks visit the facility each day, delivering a total of 500 to 700 tons of debris. As a truck enters the site, it drives onto the truck scale to obtain the gross weight of the truck and its contents. The truck then drives to the material-processing area to dump its load.


On a typical day, the scale at C&D Recycling weighs more than 100 trucks carrying more than 500 tons of debris

After the debris has been unloaded, the empty truck returns to the scale to be weighed again. Subtracting the tare weight of the empty truck from the gross weight of the full truck provides an accurate net weight of the construction and demolition debris. The truck then leaves the facility to collect more debris or return its roll-off container to a designated site.

C&D Recycling runs the debris through a waste-reducing machine that processes material and separates metals at a rate of 70 tons per hour. The efficiency of the operation makes a quick turnaround. Each day the facility processes, weighs and ships the same amount of material that it receives.

The METTLER TOLEDO truck scale at C&D Recycling features a concrete driving surface reinforced with a steel framework. This composite structure is designed to give the weighbridge exceptional strength and durability. POWERCELL® load-cell technology assures both the company and its customers of accurate weighing of the debris that is being bought and sold. It also provides exceptional reliability, keeping the scale operating day-in and day-out. Like any facility that depends on one scale for its weighing needs, C&D Recycling cannot afford downtime.

METTLER TOLEDO vehicle scale

Larry Hirsch and Sam Sciarretta of C&D Recycling say they chose a METTLER TOLEDO truck scale because it provided the best value for their recycling operation.

The owners say they are happy with the truck scale purchased. After shopping around, they decided that the METTLER TOLEDO scale was the best product and best value for their operation. METTLER TOLEDO also helps ensure the scale’s continued high performance through service and preventive maintenance.

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