MultiMount Weigh Module Designed for Safety

New Weigh Module Designed for Safety

Multimount weigh moduleWhen safety is at stake, you cannot afford to cut corners. Weigh modules must support heavy loads without tipping or other accidents. With built-in safety features, the new MultiMount™ weigh module is the obvious choice for weighing material safely and accurately.

The MultiMount™ weigh module is versatile enough to handle both static and dynamic weighing. Designed for compression loading, it is available in capacities of 11 to 10,000 pounds (5 to 4,400 kilograms.) Thanks to its versatility and safety, this new product can be used for weighing material in tanks, hoppers, silos, conveyors, and mixers.

The new MultiMount weigh module, combined with the proven PinMount™ product line, offers a consistent weighing solution throughout a full range of capacities. Like the successful PinMount™ weigh module, it was engineered to be safe, accurate, and simple to install.


Multimount weigh moduleSafety is a big concern for tank scales and other weigh-module applications. Unlike conventional platform scales, weigh module applications often include large structures built to hold heavy materials. Considering the wind and seismic forces that can be exerted on the structures, the potential for tipping and other accidents is obvious.

When designing the MultiMount™ weigh module, METTLER TOLEDO made safety a priority. The weigh module is engineered to handle heavy loads and has dependable safety features built-in:

  • A strong anti-lift bolt protects the tank against tipping.
  • A vertical down stop supports the weight of the tank in case of catastrophic failure.
  • 360-degree checking limits horizontal movement.

Weighing accuracy depends on the load cells and suspension that are at the heart of any scale. MultiMount™ weigh modules use high-quality MTB and 0745A load cells. With NTEP and OIML approvals, these load cells provide the accuracy required for legal-for-trade applications and the repeatability required for batching. The rocker-pin suspension is self-aligning to ensure that the load is always applied vertically for accurate weighing.


Most scales are supplied as self-contained weighing systems. Weigh modules, on the other hand, are components that can be installed under various types of structures. Installing them correctly is essential to a scale’s weighing performance.

To simplify installation, each weigh module is equipped with a SafeLock™ locking plate. This unique tool aligns the weigh module in the ideal position for shipping and installation. By locking the top-plate assembly in position during installation, the tool prevents misalignment and the possible weighing problems it can cause.

Visit METTLER TOLEDO’s website to learn more about how the MultiMount™ weigh module can increase your operation’s safety and weighing accuracy.

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