New ACM360 Bluetooth Adaptor

ACM360 Bluetooth Adaptor

Connecting scale terminals via Bluetooth

METTLER TOLEDO is pleased to announce the new ACM360 Bluetooth Adaptor. This adapter is an industrial solution to connect peripherals such as printers or other Bluetooth 4.x Android smart devices to any METTLER TOLEDO terminal in a fast and convenient way. In addition to establishing terminal-to-terminal communication, the ACM360 is designed to provide an undisturbed wireless connection in rough environments.

The ACM360 features:
  • ACM360 Bluetooth AdaptorLED Status Indication with a single LED that changes color to conveniently indicate the status of the adaptor to the user.
  • Low Power Consumption – The adaptors feature low power consumption and are powered directly via the terminal’s RS232 interface.
  • Easy Installation and Pairing – with only one button to press and the easy to use Quick Guide, the ACM360 is simple to setup and pair.
  • Ingress Protection – the ACM360 is IP54/65 rated (version dependent) making it suitable for many harsh industrial environments.
  • Multito-One – the ACM can connect five devices to a single device giving you the ability to do things such as print from five remote displays using a single printer.

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