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BTA231 Pallet Truck

METTLER TOLEDO BTA231 – Precise and Simple Pallet-Truck Scale

Whether you are shipping, receiving or managing inventory, weighing pallets can be an extra step that slows down your operation. For quick and easy mobile weighing in industrial environments, pallet truck scales offer a precise and simple solution.

While having accurate dimension of pallets ensures proper payment for space, weighing is a fundamental requirement. Transport providers need to know the weight of shipments for load planning and invoicing, and distribution centers will avoid back charging by staying on top of transport cost. The BTA231 pallet truck scale is a rugged and cost-effective solution for weighing palletized freight. Featuring a dependable terminal with a large, easily visible display and efficient keyboard, it is a perfect fit for any warehouse or terminal, where precise weighing is crucial.

BTA231 Pallet Truck The pallet-truck scale has an ergonomic, full-function handle making it easy to lift pallets and easily transport goods around a facility. The high-quality wheels allow for easy riding, even over uneven and bumpy surfaces.

Thanks to a large LCD display with adjustable white backlight, weight data is clearly displayed and easy to read. It consumes low power with an automatic power shut-off feature that is easy to re-activate when the scale is needed again. The scale is battery operated with an average operating time of 95 hours. It is fully charged again after 8-10 hours of charging.

Weighing on the move couldn’t be simpler than with the BTA231. Data is transferred via Bluetooth® and the scale is compatible with the CSN110 ScanTape™ dimensioner and handheld barcode readers.

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