PBK and PFK High Precision Scales

Setting New Standards In Industrial Weighing

High Precision ScalesAccurate weighing is essential for many businesses, but it can be a challenge in harsh environments. Our new range of weighing platforms combines reliability with the best accuracy available for manual and automatic weighing applications.

Reliable, accurate measurements are essential for ensuring consistent product quality, meeting regulations and optimizing material waste. Our new PBK989 bench and PFK989 floor scales offer a wide range of capacities with industry-leading weighing precision. A resolution of up to 750,000 divisions leaves no room for doubt in weighing processes with tight tolerances.

Reliable in harsh conditions

Environmental conditions can interfere with high-precision instruments, resulting in the waste of costly ingredients or even rejected batches. Thanks to their unique construction, the PBK989 and PFK989 weighing platforms are suitable for challenging environments, including heavy dust, harsh cleaning and rough handling.

Fast weighing processes

The PBK989 and PFK989 platforms are designed to be easily integrated into your process. They feature industry-leading stabilization times and an extremely fast data rate of 92 updates per second. This makes the weighing platforms suitable for such high-speed weighing processes as filling and checkweighing. Optimized signal filtering allows your control system to capture fast and stable weight values always.

High-performance when it counts
PFK9 Floor PlatformPrecision

Consistent measurement quality when tolerances are tight.


Robust design to prevent damage and bad measurements.


Accuracy verification with automated internal calibration.


Safe and efficient cleaning with easy-to-lift platforms.


Easily interface with any automation system.

Bench Scales: www.mt.com/PBK9-in

Floor Scales: www.mt.com/PFK9-in