Picking the Perfect Basic Scale Terminal

METTLER TOLEDO offers many scale terminal options.  These options range from basic scale terminals to highly sophisticated instruments capable of running multiple scales with customized software programs.

For a great many applications, a basic indicator is all you need. If what you are looking for is a simple and easy-to-use terminal, consider these options:

IND231 & IND236

Image of IND231 and IND236 scale terminalsIf you need a basic terminal with a high-visibility display, the IND231 or IND236 is perfect.  This terminal is available with a plastic housing for dry areas (IND231) or a stainless-steel housing (IND236) for wet or harsh conditions. It comes with a rugged 7 button keyboard with 2 programmable keys.  Integrated applications include over/under checkweighing, counting, animal weighing, and accumulation. Controls one scale with up to (4) 350-ohm load cells.


Picking the Perfect Basic Scale IndicatorThe IND246 is the next step up from the IND231/236 terminal.  It is a solid all-around scale terminal.  It comes standard with an alphanumeric keypad for quick entry of tare and ID information.  The terminal supports a variety of load cells, including a specific version for analog scales and a version for METTLER TOLEDO GDD and POWERCELL PDX vehicle scales.  Communication options include 1 standard RS232 PLUS the option to add a variety of other communications such as USB and Ethernet TCP/IP. Like the IND231/236, the IND246 comes with software for a variety of weighing applications.


Picking the Perfect Basic Scale TerminalDesigned for dry environments, the ICS425/435 scale terminals are perfect for your production process.  The terminal has a rugged aluminum die-cast housing and an LCD display with backlight.  The ICS425 version has 6 button keypad.  The ICS435 version has 17 buttons with numeric keypad. Both versions allow you to connect 1 analog or SICS (digital) scale base.  You can add an optional battery for remote operation or add communication options to allow you to add printers or communication with a TCP/IP network.


Picking the Perfect Basic Scale TerminalThe ICS429 and ICS439 are the wet environments equivalent of the ICS425/435 terminals.  They have stainless steel housings and have IP ratings of IP68 or IP69k, making them well suited for wet or washdown production environments.  These terminals will support one analog or SICS (digital) base. Both models include one RS232 communication port with the option to add one additional communication option. Scale applications include basic weighing and averaging weighing applications.

If you need a scale terminal that supports PLC communication or multiple scales, please contact us for additional options.

Terminal Specifications

Terminal IND231/236 IND246 ICS425/ICS435 ICS429/ICS439
Terminal Housing Plastic – IND231

Stainless Steel – IND236

Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Power IND231 – AC, Six “AA” batteries, or optional NiMH rechargeable battery

IND236 – AC, Optional

Internal NiMH rechargeable battery

AC: 100 – 230 VAC, Optional

Removable, externally charged battery

AC: 100 – 240 V


Internal battery

100 – 240 V


Internal battery

Protection IND231 – IP54

IND236 – IP66/67

IP66 AC version: IP65

Exchangeable version: IP5x

IP68 & IP69k
Display Seven digit seven segment with white backlight Transflective backlit graphic LCD LCD Liquid crystal graphical display with backlighting LCD liquid crystal graphical display with backlighting
Scale Interface One analog scale Analog load cell or POWERCELL PDX, GDD, SLB615D or SLC611D digital load cells One analog or IDNET or SICSpro platform One analog or IDNET or SICSpro platform
Load Cell Up to 4 350 ohm load cells, 5V excitation AC Analog:

Up to 10 350 ohm, 10v excitation

AC POWERCELL: up to 12 PDX or GDD load cells

Battery analog: up to 4 350 ohm load cells, 5V excitation

1 x 350 ohm or 4 x 350 ohm

Excitation: 3.3 VDC

Analog scale 1 x 350 ohm or 4 x 350 ohm, excitation 3.3 VDC
Units G, kg, lb, oz G, kg, lb, oz, t, ton G, kg, oz, lb, lb-oz, t G, kg, oz, lb, lb-oz, t
Keypad Seven function keys On/Off, Zero, Tare, Clear, Print, F1 and F2 (user-definable 8 function keys, 4 navigation keys, 12-key alphanumeric, on/off button Tactile-touch membrane (PET) scratch resistant

ICS425 – 6 buttons

ICS435 – 17 buttons with numeric keypad

Tactile-touch membrane (PET) scratch resistant

ICS429 – 6 buttons

ICS439 – 17 buttons with numeric keypad

Communications Standard COM1 – RS232


Com2, USB device, Discrete I/O with 2 inputs and 4 outputs

Standard: COM1 RS-232 isolated

Option Slot 1:

Com 2 Rs-232/485 isolated

COM2 + D I/O RS-232/485 isolated + 2 inputs and 4 outputs (analog version only)

USB – Device type*

USB + D I/O device type* + 2 inputs and 4 outputs (analog version only)

·         For connection to PC only

Option Slot 2

Ethernet TCP/IP 10/100 Base-T

Standard: 1 x RS232, 1 x optional

Option choices:

RS232, RS422/485, USB device, USB Host, Ethernet, WLAN, Digital I/O, digital or analog 2nd scale


1 x scale interface (Analog, IDNet or SICSpro)

1 x RS232 data interface

Optional: one of the following:

RS232, RS422/485, USB device, USB host, Ethernet, WLAN, Digital I/O (4 inputs + 4 outputs), IDNET scale, SICSpro scale, analog scale


Functions and Applications Basic weighing, Animal weighing, Counting with APW enhancement, Over/Under checkweighing with 10 record database, accumulation, Remote display Basic weighing, Animal weighing, counting, checkweighing, peak weight measurement, Vehicle weighing Basic weighing, average weighing / Date & Time and Printing Basic weighing, average weighing
Approvals Class III: OIML6000e, NTEP 10,000d Class III:

OIML 6000e, NTEP 10,000d

Class IIII:

OIML 1000e

Class IIIL:



Analog scale: OIML 7,500e, 300,000d (non approvable)

Analog Platforms

OIML 7,500e; 300,000e

NTEP 10,000d

Digital Platforms

The respective platform defines the actual resolution