POWERCELL GDD Load Cell Conversion and Upgrade Kits


POWERCELL GDD Load Cell Conversion and Upgrade KitsDo you have an older truck scale where the weighbridge is in good condition, but the scale is bleeding money because of high maintenance cost from the replacement of load cells or lightning strikes?  Or: you know that you will get improved accuracy from a digital load cell solution, but can’t afford to replace the scale just yet.  Consider upgrading or converting your scale to METTLER TOLEDO POWERCELL GDD load cells.

METTLER TOLEDO recently introduced conversion and upgrade kits using the POWERCELL GDD load cells.  The conversion kit allows you to convert any truck scale with (1) an I-beam style weighbridge and (2) either a Type “s” lever mechanical system, analog load cell, or hydraulic load cell system.  The upgrade kit allows you to upgrade older METTLER TOLEDO scales using NMOS, CMOS or MTX POWERCELL load cells.

Advantages of Upgrading:

The POWERCELL GDD’s digital signal processing improves load cell weighing accuracy and repeatability. Unlike analog load cells, the robust digital signal is not susceptible to radio frequency interference.

Diagnostic capabilities are embedded in the load cell and scale terminal allowing problems to be identified and repaired quickly.

The POWERCELL GDD load cell is also better than analog load cells for preventing cheating at the scale: The GDD system uses digital signals between the load cell and terminal. Digital signals are much more difficult to manipulate than analog signals. The terminal “authenticates” all GDD load cells connected to the terminal. The terminal will not communicate with cells that can’t be “authenticated”. All GDD load cell serial numbers connected to the terminal are recorded and tracked individually. It is not possible to communicate with individual load cells in an analog system. Extra GDD load cells can’t be connected to the terminal without a setup change in the terminal.

Finally, the digital system controls maintenance cost. Each POWERCELL GDD kit comes with a 5-year warranty.  This warranty includes 100% coverage for all parts, labor, and travel.  If a scale terminal is purchased with the kit, then the warranty is extended to the scale terminal as well.

What’s Included

Each kit includes key components required to upgrade or convert an existing truck scale – indicator and home run cable sold separately.

  • POWERCELL GDD LOAD CELLS – support systems from 4 to 24 load cells. Uses 30t cells.
  • Receivers
  • Interconnect cables


POWERCELL GDD Load Cell Conversion and Upgrade Kits

Download product specifications:

POWERCELL GDD Load Cell Conversion and Upgrade Kit


Additional information on POWERCELL GDD load cells:


When Not to Upgrade to POWERCELL GDD

Note that if you need a digital load cell solution for:

  • Hazardous environments or
  • High volume truck traffic


Then it is recommended that you consider the POWERCELL PDX upgrade or conversion kits.  These kits are designed for and will support those environments.  Learn more about POWERCELL PDX kits here.


Learn more about how POWERCELL GDD load cells are made: