Seamless Integration – Feltracon Customer Story

Seamless Integration – Compliance with Hygienic Design

Seamless Integration - Feltracon customer storyA manufacturer of manual and automatic food processing equipment incorporates weighing technology in hoppers and conveyors to accurately mix different vegetables. The company uses weight transmitters and load cells from METTLER TOLEDO because of both the wide product range and its understanding of food processing industry requirements.

Seamless Integration - Feltracon Customer Story

Machine preparing ready made vegetable mixes.

Machines that prepare ready-made salads, pre-chopped fruit assortments, and vegetable mixes are Feltracon’s business. The product range of the Dutch company consists of cutting and washing machines, centrifuges, blanchers, coolers, mixing and sorting drums, and screw and belt conveyors. But its offering is not limited to stand-alone machines. Feltracon also designs and manufactures complete production lines, which include static and continuous weighing devices. The company points out that its entire product range complies with HACCP guidelines. There are no hidden or inaccessible tubes or holes. The belt constructions are very open and very easy to clean.

Easy-to-integrate weighing technology
Seamless integration - Feltracon Customer story

One of the three portioning hoppers with incorporated MTB load cells. They open and drop the product to the collecting belt, when all hoppers are filled to the set-point

Feltracon uses weighing technology from METTLER TOLEDO. Representatives say they appreciate the IND131/331 terminal family that offers the same software and functionality in different housings. This allows its employees to use the familiar technology in different environments.

The junction boxes are suitable for quick and simple connection to multiple load cells and weighing terminals. Their integrated trim pots eliminate corner error by simply using a screwdriver. No soldering or separate resistors are necessary.

The MTB load cells offer the CalFree™ calibration method. This provides a solution for the conveyor and hopper calibration when it is impractical to place test weights or for applications that need an approximate calibration only.