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7541 Truck Scale

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The METTLER TOLEDO 7541 truck scale combines an economical weighbridge design with the proven accuracy and reliability of POWERCELL® PDX® load cells. The result is a high-value solution for weighing over-the-road trucks. Designed to be installed in a pit, the scale is ideal for sites where space or overhead clearance is limited. Because the concrete deck is flush with the surrounding pavement, no ramps are required. Manholes allow easy access to the pit for service. This versatile truck scale is available in custom lengths and designs, including grain-dump options and multiple-platform configurations for determining axle weights.

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Specifications – METTLER TOLEDO 7541 Truck Scale

METTLER TOLEDO 7541 Truck Scale



I-Beam Concrete Deck Weighbridge

Concrete Thickness in (152 mm)
Scale Widths 10, 11 ft (3, 3.3 m)
Scale Lengths to 120 ft (3 to 36.6 m)
Profile in (965 mm), 1/4-inch shims nominal
Module Lengths 10, 12, 20, 25 ft (3, 3.7, 6.1, 7.6 m)
Main Beams W21 x 50 lb/ft
Cross Beams W12 x 19 lb/ft, C6 x 8.2 lb/ft
Number of Cross Beams Five for 25-ft modules (7.6 m)

Four for 20-ft modules (6.1 m)

Concrete per Module 20-ft module: 4 cubic yards

25-ft module: 5 cubic yards

Rebar per Module 20-ft module: 635 lb

25-ft module: 800 lb

Corrugated per Module 20-ft module: 200 square feet

25-ft module: 250 square feet

Usage 50,000 trucks per year

(average 200 trucks per day)

Capacity* 70,000 lb (scale lengths < 25 ft)

120,000 lb (scale lengths > 25 ft, < 60 ft)

200,000 lb (scale lengths > 60 ft)

Foundation Types Deep Pit
eMin lb (10 kg)
nMax 10,000 divisions
NTEP Handbook 44 Tested:

Concentrated Load Capacity

60,000 lb (27,215 kg)
NTEP Certificate 90-046A5

Note: 200,000 lb is the maximum gross capacity that any truck scale can have and still maintain 20-lb increments in legal-for-trade applications.

Features Benefits
50t POWERCELL® PDX® Load Cells Stainless steel load cells provide highest accuracy and reliability (IP68/IP69K).
StrikeShield™ Lightning Protection Protects your system from lightning damage.
International Intergard® Finish Protects steel against corrosion even in the harshest environments.