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7566 Truck Scale

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Model 7566 truck scale is a steel-deck scale for weighing off-road vehicles used in mining, steel, aggregate, forestry, and other similar operations. This rugged scale is built to provide dependable performance for extreme-duty applications. It is available as a single-width scale (11 feet 10 inches wide) or a double-width scale capable of handling the industry’s largest off-road vehicles. The orthotropic design provides reliable weighing over long service life, while the POWERCELL® load cells transmit an extremely powerful signal for accurate, dependable weighing.

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Specifications – METTLER TOLEDO 7566 Truck Scale

METTLER TOLEDO 7566 truck scale



Deck Plate Thickness 3/8 in (10 mm)
End Plate Thickness 3/4 in (19 mm)
Rib Thickness 3/8 in (10 mm)
Number of Ribs (3 large, 4 small)
Rib Heights 15-1/4, 12-7/16 in (387, 316 mm)
Scale Widths* ft 10 in, 19 ft 9 in (3.6, 6 m)
Scale Lengths to 120 ft (4.6 to 36.6 m)
Profile 29-5/8 in (752 mm), 1/4-inch shims
Module Lengths 15, 17.5, 20 ft (4.6, 5.3, 6.1 m)
Foundation Types Variable Footer, Beam Slab
Design Trucks (Side-by-


CAT 777, Euclid R90, Komatsu 330
Capacity (Single Width) 190,000 lb (scale lengths < 15 ft)

300,000 lb (scale lengths > 15 ft)

Capacity (Side-by-Side) 350,000 lb (scale lengths < 15 ft)

500,000 lb (scale lengths > 15 ft)

eMin lb (10 kg)
nMax 10,000 divisions
Concentrated Load Capacity

(Single Width)

130,000 lb (58,967 kg)
Concentrated Load Capacity


130,000 lb (58,967 kg) per side
NTEP Certificate 00-077A3

*Note: Greater widths can be provided by increasing the gap between the side-by-side platforms.

Features Benefits
50t POWERCELL® PDX® Load Cells Stainless steel load cells provide the highest accuracy and reliability (IP68/IP69K).
StrikeShield™ Lightning Protection Protects your system from lightning damage.
International Intergard® Finish Protects steel against corrosion even in the harshest environments.
Orthotropic Weighbridge Built to handle the heaviest off-road vehicles.