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ACI400 IIoT Edge Device

Cloud and ERP/MES Connectivity

Enable your operation with the right tools to prepare for Industry 4.0. The ACI400 IIoT Edge device from METTLER TOLEDO is a gateway for the Industrial Internet of Things. It provides an OPC UA server and several MQTT clients for seamless exchange of non-time-critical data between our weighing solutions and your chosen Cloud and ERP/MES systems.

The ACI400 is ideal for customers in the Chemical, Food, Pharmaceutical, and Transportation & Logistics industries. It enables operations to securely and efficiently manage data and assets with well-established solutions such as Azure, AWS (Amazon Web Services), IBM and SAP.

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ACI400 IIoT Edge Device Specifications

METTLER TOLEDO ICS685 Scale Terminal


The ACI400 allows you to connect up to 4 unique weighing channels.  This can mean four scale channels from a single terminal, four single-scale terminals, four intelligent weigh modules, or any combination of such devices.


  • Two 1gb Ethernet ports to create separation between the IT network and the production network.
  • Physical connections with METTLER TOLEDO devices through Ethernet, serial and USB.
  • Can connect using MQTT client or OPC/UA server.
  • Embedded webserver to make on-site or remote configuration fast and easy to complete.


Click on above data brief button for details regarding client connections and data capable of transmission.

To learn more about MQTT and OPC/UA and how it works with METTLER TOLEDO products, click here.