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ACM360 Bluetooth Adaptor

ACM360 Bluetooth Adaptor

Fast and Convenient Wireless Connection
The ACM360 Bluetooth adaptor is an industrial solution to connect peripherals such as printers or other Bluetooth 4.x Android smart devices to any METTLER TOLEDO terminal in a fast and convenient way. In addition to establishing terminal-to-terminal communication, the ACM360 is designed to provide an undisturbed wireless connection in rough environments. Thanks to its low power consumption, the ACM360 can be directly powered over the terminal’s RS232 interface, which makes an additional power supply obsolete. It also offers several multi-function features:

  • Adaptor grants stable Bluetooth communication, but also handles your print templates
  • Fast cable-free communication between METTLER TOLEDO terminals and a broad range of peripherals
  • Suitable for harsh industrial environments (IP65)


ACM360 Bluetooth Adaptor Technical Data

Ohaus MB120 Moisture Analyzer



Item Parameter
Bluetooth Version Bluetooth version 4.1(only compatible with Bluetooth version 4.x device)
Average power consumption 10mA; ~50mW
Standard communication distance ~10m (powered via RS232 signal)
Baud rate 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200bps
Work mode SSP or Label print
Housing ABS
Ingress Protection IP54 (DB9 version)


IP65 (M12 version)

Inner antenna Output power 0 dBm
Sensitivity -96 dBm
Power supply RS232 signal or 5 ~ 9 VDC from RS232 Pin 9


Key One multi-function key
Indicator Three color LED indicator (red, yellow, green)
Accessory Bracket (ABS)

ACM360 Bluetooth Adaptor ACM360 Bluetooth Adaptor