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ACT350 Weighing Transmitter

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The ACT350 analog weight transmitter delivers precision measurement at an exceptional speed.  With an exceptional 600 Hertz update rate to a PLC, it is ideal for fast filling and sorting applications.

The ACT350 supports easy connectivity to most common fieldbuses with comprehensive description files.

The small Din-rail housing saves valuable cabinet space. Key and display allow setup and control directly at the unit.

Installation is supported by PC setup software via a RS232 service interface allowing for saving, restoring and cloning settings.

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Specifications – ACT350 Weighing Transmitter

ACT350 Weighing Transmitter

Parameter Unit of measure ACT350
Housing Enclosure Type DIN-Rail mount, plastic, with setup and monitoring interface
W x H x D mm (in) 40 x 110 x 100 (1.6x 4.3 x 4)
Shipping Weight kg (lb) 0.5 (1.1)
Environmental protection IP20, Type 1
Legal for Trade °C / °F -10 to 40 / 14 to 104 10% to 90% rel. Humidity, non-condensing
Operation °C / °F -10 to 50 / 14 to 122 10% to 90% rel. Humidity, non-condensing
Storage °C / °F -40 to 60 / -40 to 140 10% to 90% rel. Humidity, non-condensing
Measuring Rate Analog/Digital update rate Hz internal: 1200 / PLC interface: up to 600
Digital Filtering FIR low pass filter, corner frequency  adjustable 1-20 Hz
Connectivity Fieldbus interface PROFIBUS® DP, PROFINET® IO, EtherNet/IP
Ethernet Switch External
Protocol Cyclic PLC update – SAI – Standard Automation Interface incl. Clear, Tare, Zero

Acyclic ASCII commands for setup

Service interface RS232
Power Requirement VDC / mA 12-30; nominal 24 / 0.22
Scale Scale type Analog load cells, mV/V
Number of load cells up to 8x 350Ω or 20x 1’000Ω; 1-3 mV/V
Number of scales 1
Number of scale ranges 1
Load cell excitation voltage VDC 5
µV Build Minimum/Approved microvolts 0.1 / 0.5 1)
Calibration Type Zero/Span with Linearization up to 5 points; Step; CalFree
Display Type Green OLED incl. weight display, weight units, gross/net indication and graphic symbols for motion, center of zero. 10 updates/sec
Character height mm (in) 5.6  (0.22)
Status LEDs Scale (SCL), Power (PWR), Network (NW), Device (DEV)
Weight Display Maximum displayed resolution 100,000 divisions
Keypad 4 keys (Up, Down, Left, Enter); 0.9 mm thick polyester overlay (PET) with 0.178mm thick polycarbonate display lens
Approvals Weights and Measures 1) Europe: OIML Class III, 6,000e  R76/2006-NL1-09.26

USA: Class III – n max. 10000; AM-5744

Hazardous ATEX /IECEX n/a
Product Safety 2) UL, cUL, CE
Digital Input/Output Software Comparators 5x Output
Physical n/a