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Ariva-S Mini Point-of-Sale Scale

Tiny footprint, big impact: The Ariva-S Mini delivers reliable and durable performance with the smallest counter footprint in its class. It takes up 64% less counter space than the Ariva-S. The scale connects to most point-of sale systems for checkout applications, and to personal computers for many other applications that require weight data.

The Ariva-S Mini has a robust cast aluminum housing and stainless steel platter. This dual interval scale is the ideal solution for retailers who require both a high capacity, up to 30 lb/15 kg, and a fine weight resolution for light goods.

  • Compact – smallest footprint in its class
  • Single or dual interval weighing in multiple units
  • Robust design – able to withstand dirt and liquids
  • Ideal for environments where accurate weighing is a must
  • Easy integration – compatible with most POS systems

Note: Includes either RS232 communication cable or USB communication cable. Includes single dispaly and two mounting options (base and tower)

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Specifications – Ariva-S Mini

Ariva-S Mini

Weighing ranges Capacity Single Interval Dual Interval
30 lb 30 x 0.01 lb 15 x 0.005 lb / 30 x 0.01 lb
15 lb 15 x 0.005 lb 6 x 0.002 lb / 15 x 0.005 lb
15 kg 15 x 0.005 kg 6 x 0.002 kg / 15 x 0.005 kg
6 kg N/A 3 x 0.001 kg / 6 x 0.002 kg
240 oz 240 x 0.1 oz N/A

RS-232 or USB comunications for connecting to POS system or cash register. USB communication available as virtual comports with Windows® driver, HID©, or HID© IBM©

POS connectivity

Compatible with most POS systems

Temperature range

14° – 104°F (-10°C – +40°C), 0-85% humidity, non-condensing



Single display, with base and tower mount options
  • Bright, backlit display with energy-saving function
  • 5-digit weight display
  • Keys for taring and zeroing
  • Optional dual display configurations


Device dimensions
  • Standard weighing platform: 6.3″ x 7.875″ (160 mm x 200 mm)
  • Minimum height: 2″ (50 mm)
  • Height adjustment and leveling with adjustable feet