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Defender 6000 i-DT61XWE Indicator

The Defender 6000 i-DT61XWE Extreme Washdown Indicator is specifically designed for food, chemical, and pharmaceutical applications including production, processing, and packaging. Defender 6000 handles the most demanding applications with a polycarbonate indicator equipped with bright check light bar, knife-proof front panel, and EasyConnect™.

Unique Features:

  • Defender 6000 indicators, constructed of polycarbonate or 316 stainless steel, stand up to harsh cleaning in processing and packaging environments with IP68 immersion/IP69K washdown protection.
  • Large, bright display offers clear results for fast processing. Color bar offers detailed package weight checking.
  • With knife-proof numeric touch keypad, i-DT61XWE indicator is suitable for harsh processing environments.

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Specifications – Ohaus Defender 6000 i-DT61XWE Indicator

Link to defender 6000 series datasheet

  • 3mm thickness polycarbonate touch keypad, dedicated target and numeric keys ensures quick use and operation in harsh environments.
  • Multiple connectivity capabilities include built-in RS232 and USB Host.
  • Optional 2nd RS232/RS485/USB Device, Analog Output, WiFi/Bluetooth, Ethernet, and Discrete I/O with relay.
  • Touchless sensor allows for hands-free operation, reducing contamination risk.
  • Optional external battery housing kit, allowing the indicator to be powered with a power bank in a wet harsh environment.
Application Modes

Weighing – Determine the weight of items in the selected unit of measurement

Checkweighing – Compare the weight of an item against target limits. Bar matrix or 2-color check light display gives a clear and bright indication of weight.

Parts Counting – Count times of uniform weight. Advanced auto-optimization software recalculates the average piece weight as the overall weight increases.

Checkcounting – Compare the count of a package against target limits. Bar matrix of 3-color check light display gives a clear and bright indicator of count.

Percent Weighing – Display the weight of an item as a percentage of a pre-established reference weight.

Dynamic Weighing and Display Hold – Take an average of weights for an item over a period of time to account for vibration or other interference. The Display Hold feature manually or automatically holds the last stable weight of an item on the display.

Filling – Fill a container to a target weight. 3-color bar matrix displays filling status. Connect with Discrete I/O option kit for an auto-filling system.

Library and User Management – Up to 300 library items (stores part number, tare weights, APWs, under/over limits, set points or reference weight) can be shared within different weighing modes. 100 user IDs can be stored for secure user access and traceability.