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Form+ Formulation Software

Form+ formulation software is a recipe management system designed to eliminate waste, ensure consistent and repeatable batches, and provide full traceability to ensure compliance with regulations. The system provides operator guidance for the weighing and dispensing of ingredients and chemicals according to the defined recipe structure. Build process workflows to ensure perfect batches with easy operator usability.

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Form+ formulation Software Specifications

Form+ formulation software

Features and benefits


  • Flexibility in recipes allows you to process each material individually the way you are used to. Easily define the default steps for the operator to follow.
  • Don’t bother with manually written entries – Form+ stores them automatically.
  • Retrieve your data from wherever and whenever you need it.
  • Form+ allows you to weigh in both horizontal and vertical modes.
  • Use pre-weighed materials, like bags from your supplier, without weighing them.
  • Easily connect to the IND930 weighing terminal. The terminal will show up in Form+ automatically.
  • In case of recalls, easily find those batches where specific raw materials were used.
Technical Data
Device Connectivity Connect to any number of IND930 terminals.
Recipe Management Manage an unlimited number of materials and recipes.
Production Management Monitor and manage production and print reports.
One Installation only Install once, access from everywhere within your network.
Operator Guidance The operator is guided to follow your process step-by-step with automatically stored measurements in Form+.