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ICS689 Compact Bench Scale

Designed for Wet and Hygienic Environments

The ICS689 compact bench scale product line features a very rugged design which fulfils the highest hygienic standards. IP69K protected terminals and hermetic sealed loadcells engineered in conjunction with platform designs conforming to the latest hygienic guidelines, enable efficient and easy cleaning access to all areas. All this makes the ICS689 perfectly suited for wet, harsh or hygienic environments in either the food, pharmaceutical or chemical industry.

  • All stainless steel construction designed for hygienic or permanent wet environment
  • High pressure water- or steam-jet cleaning
  • Patented, double sealed terminals with IP69k
  • ColorWeight┬« for fast and error-free readings
  • Various interface options to manage even complex weighing applications
  • Advanced data handling with dedicated functions and efficient tools
  • Smart weighing counter for improved maintenance
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ICS689 Compact Bench Scale Specifications

ICS689 Bench Scale Data Sheet

ICS689 Bench Scale with Metal Keypad Data Sheet

ICS689 Bench Scale with Pick & Pack Data Sheet

Easy to Clean

The ICS689 product line is designed using the latest hygienic design guidelines including EHEDG or NSF. This includes a double sealed, IP68 and IP69k protected terminal.

Powerful Database

Store up to 5,000 articles and materials in the scale-enabled database together with relevant parameters such as target weight, tolerances and tare values.

Secure Data Handling

In order to ensure regulatory compliance, weighing data including date/time, article ID or operator ID, is securely stored in a protected memory. Manage access to the scale and weighing data and ensure traceability with multi-level user access rights.

Configurable to Your Needs

You can choose between three different ways to mount the terminal relative to the platform in order to ensure optimum ergonomics and maximize productivity. A wire variety of platform sizes and capacities up to 600kg are available to best fulfill the requirements of your application.