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IND131 DIN Rail Mount

Discontinued 2/1/22. Replaced by the IND360

The IND131 compact scale terminal is DIN rail mounted to ensure convenient mounting and location. Wiring connections and the operator interface are readily accessible on the front panel.

Special Features and Benefits

  • Split housing design uses two snap in place tabs for secure assembly and easy disassembly
  • Mounting designed for 35mm DIN rail
  • Secure installation using DIN rail retaining tab
  • Front panel display and 4-button interface for ease of service
  • Front panel access to SD Memory Card slot
  • Detachable terminal connectors
  • Environmental protection rating IP20

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Specifications – IND131 DIN-mount Terminal


Level Basic
Display OLED, 4 mm high
Interfaces Analog output, Allen-Bradley RIO, DeviceNet™, EtherNet/IP™, Modbus TCP, PROFIBUS® DP / ControlNet™
Degree of protection IP20, Type 1
Housing DIN rail-mount plastic
Applications Process weighing
A/D rate (int./ext) Internal: 366 Hz. Target comparison: 50 Hz. PLC interface 20 Hz
Dimensions 68 x 138 x 11 mm (2.7 x 5.4 x 4.4 inches)
Keyboard Zero, Tare, Clear, Print
Signal processing TraxDSP™ digital filtering
Resolution 100,000 divisions
Suitable platforms / weigh modules Analog load cells
Number of attachable platforms 1
Digital Input/Output Optional, relay or solid state, 2 inputs, 4 outputs
Mounting options DIN rail
Options COM2 RS-232/485 with support for Modbus RTU protocol + 4 discrete outputs (solid state or relay), 2 discrete inputs; PLC interface; 2GB SD memory card
Power supply Universal AC or external DC