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IND360 Automation Terminal

IND360 automation terminals deliver precision measurement and status information to your control system. This gives you the ability to easily and efficiently manage your weighing applications, boost throughput and save time and materials.

IND360 base unit includes the following key features:

  • Up to 960 Hz ultra-high cyclical PLC update rate
  • Up to 7 simultaneous floating-point variables
  • Automation Buses: PROFINET, Profibus DP, EtherNet/IP, Modbus RTU and 4-20mA
  • Operator display and network status LEDs, web interface for service and monitoring
  • CalFreeTM and CalFree PlusTM, as well as automatic PLC/DCS-driven calibration of precision scales


The tank/vessel version adds:

  • High and low level alarm controls, with automatic refill
  • Supports analog, POWERCELL, and high precision scales
  • Automatic PLC-driven calibration of precision scales
  • RapidCal for fast and efficient tank scale calibration


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IND360 Automation Terminal Specifications

IND360 automation terminal specification documentation link


Boost Machine Performance

With ultra-fast processing connected to the world’s most widely used PCLs/DCS, the IND360 terminal boost productivity and increases operational uptime. Condition monitoring and Smart5™ alarming ensure your system is performing as expected and lets you react quickly when issues arise.

Simplify Integration

IND360 is the smartest way to integrate weighing. For ease of use, terminals use certified automation interfaces and include sample programming code. Detailed documentation and automation drivers including Rockwell EDS, AOPs, and Siemens function blocks save you time and money on implementation and maintenance.

Eliminate Programming Time

Preprogrammed applications for semi or fully automated weighing processes include tank/vessel weighing, filling/dosing, rate control, and dynamic weighing allowing you to benefit from METTLER TOLEDO’s weighing expertise. You improve process throughput without spending time on custom programming.

Make Compliance Worry-Free

The IND360 product family is certified compliant with both international and local standards enabling streamlined procurement, faster implementation, and more efficient cross-border startup without the usual headaches associated with exporting equipment.