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IND780Batch Controller

The IND780batch controller combines advanced batching control technology with the powerful features of the IND780 terminal. Engineered for the Food, Specialty Chemical, Plastics, Glass and Aggregates batching and formulation market, the IND780batch works as a stand-alone terminal for single scale, multi scale, or flow meter applications. In even more demanding applications, IND780batch can use advanced predictive adaptive control algorithms for superb accuracy and throughput.

A packaged solution is available, either with I/O optimized for single-scale applications or customized to suit your specific application requirements. The controller provides easy installation for out-of-the-box performance.

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IND780batch Specification and Features

Link to IND780batch datasheet

Features and Benefits
  • Self-contained, stand-alone controller for batch applications
  • Supports simultaneous operation of up to 4 scales
  • IND780batch is ISA S88-compliant, providing a consistent protocol for Batch operations
  • Supports up to 40 inputs and 56 outputs for maximum flexibility in control setup
  • Manual formulation only or fully-automatic material transfer control batch operation with user-defined messages and data collection for operators
  • Ability to add Qi Predictive Adaptive Control (PAC) to minimize material feed variability and maximize production efficiency
  • PC configuration tool to allow recipe and order creation, Track and Trace logging, security setup, and usage report
  • Storage for up to 1,000 recipes, containing 99 steps per recipe
  • Ability to adjust batch order size by %, target value, or ingredient amount with recipe looping capability
  • Automatic material jogging eliminates under-tolerance materials by adding small additional material amounts until within target tolerance
  • Gain-in-weight, loss-in-weight, hand add, and discharge cover all material feed types
  • Dump-to-empty management to control the removal of all material in a vessel in the shortest amount of time
  • Print capability for end-of-batch summary and custom print messages
  • Advanced color graphics display with SmartTrac optimizes the amount of visible process information while assuring readability
  • Equipment view screens show the system status for advanced diagnostic capability
  • Material ID or Lot ID barcode scanning, to verify that they are correct and ensure that operator adds the right material
  • Execute a custom TaskExpert program as part of a recipe phase, to perform processes outside the scope of the standard batching software, before returning to complete the recipe


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