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METTLER TOLEDO APR320 Dot Matrix Printer

Complete any weighing solution with the APR320 dot matrix ticket printer from METTLER TOLEDO. This printer quickly records weighing data over four lines per second, allowing physical documentation and storage of important weight data for process traceability.

The following features make this printer ideal for any production environment from manufacturing and food processing to chemical and pharma:

  • Ten thousand lines of backup memory
  • Variety of connection port options, including RS232 and Ethernet
  • Slim, durable, and robust housing with PBT material
  • Smart PC configuration tool
  • Easy-to-clean dustproof design


APR320 Dot Matrix Printer Specifications

Link to APR320 dot matrix printer data sheet


Standard features

Print method

Impact dot matrix

Ribbon cartridge

Exchangeable, black ink


LCD with 4 buttons user interface

LCD language

English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese

Terminal compatibility

Works with all standard industrial METTLER TOLEDO indicators

Housing material

PBT, resistance chemicals, solvents and good electric insulation

Power supply

AC/DC Adapter 24VDC, 2.5A

Standard interface

USB-B2.0, RS232 auto-sensing serial interface, Ethernet 10/100 internal

Optional interface

External Bluetooth 4.0 ACM360


Up to 4000m

Over voltage category

Class II

Physical characteristics

Dimensions (L × W × H)

205 mm × 140 mm × 83.5 mm


1,100 g

Printer specifications


42 columns (7 × 9)

Storage capacity

32 MB standard flash memory

Maximum print width

63.5mm (2.5inch)

Maximum print speed

4.3 lines per second

Media sensors

Paper-end sensors; Black-mark sensor

Print unit durability

10 million lines

Media Characteristics

Media types

Roll paper

Paper width

44 mm~76.2 mm (1.8~3.0 inch)

Media roll size

50 mm outer diameters


0.06 – 0.085 mm (0.002-0.003 inch)

Environmental  specifications

Operating temperature

5°C – 50°C

Storage temperature

-25°C – 60°C

Operating humidity

10% – 90% non condensing R.H.

Storage humidity

5% – 90% non condensing R.H.

Printer software

Printer command languages


Device management

Printer configuration tools: Ticket+

Print Languages

Unicode compliant for multi-language printing, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, 

Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian

Character Size

EN:7 × 9, 9 × 9;  CN: 16 × 16

Character Sets

UTF8, GB2312, ISO/IEC 8859-15, Win1250, Win1251, Win1252




Environmental compliance