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METTLER TOLEDO bPro Service Counter Scale

The bPro service counter scale is the scale you need at an affordable price. Packed with professional features, bPro will exceed performance expectations without straining your budget. At METTLER TOLEDO, we understand the complexities of the retail business. That’s why we created bPro, a scale that you can choose today with the confidence of knowing that it will perform well for many years. When you purchase a bPro you will be able to make it easier for your employees to do their jobs, market to your customers in new and innovative ways, and minimize operational costs while saving money on every transaction. All for an affordable price.

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Specifications – bPro Service Counter Scale

bpro service counter scale


Spec Value
Capacity x Division Dual interval for tare savings
15x.005/30x.01 lb x or 30x.01/60x.02 lb
6x.002/15x.005 kg or 15x.005/30x.01 kg
Power Specifications 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 0.5A
Weight of Unit 30 lb (13.6 kg)
Base Construction Aluminum Die Cast with plastic shell
Operator Display High-resolution backlit dot-matrix
Weight: 5-digits
Tare: 5-digits
Unit price: 6-digits
Total price: 6-digits
Text Description: two lines of 24 characters
Keypad Light Touch Membrane
bPro R22/T2: 98 keys, 28 function keys, 70 programmable fixed keysH22: 99 keys, 28 function, 71 programmable fixed keysWashable keypad overlays for superior device hygiene.
Printer 2” printer for sales receipt/labels. 56 mm max print width.
Speed – up to 110 mm/sec. Logo printing on sales receipt and
label, 100 pre-defined default label formats, 100 custom label formats
Labels 0.97″ L x 7.8″ L, 2.1″ max print width.
Operating Temperature 0º C to 40º C with humidity from 5% to 95% non condensing
Network Interface Ethernet Standard 100/10 Mbps with 10Base-T RJ45 Connector Jack
Security Separate password protection in key areas:
• Databases
• Unit setup
• Service Mode
• Price changes
• Training mode
• Miscellaneous key
Memory 4 MB application memory with an 8 MB exteneded memory option for a total of 12 MB
Presets 140
Available Serial port Two
Interfaces RJ45, Ethernet TCP/IP
2 serial ports, (communication or scanner)
Wireless option, WLAN IEEE802.11b/g*
External Scale Base R22 uses bBase scale base (supplied with I/F cable).

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs