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The METTLER TOLEDO PBA436 bench scale is a robust, durable, and economical solution for many weighing tasks with light hose-down requirements. Made of stainless steel, this platform series is a perfect fit for many industrial applications requiring durability, streamlined cleaning, and protection against splashing, humidity, and condensation.


Specifications and Features – PBA436 Bench Scale

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Accuracy Protection

Optimally placed and independently adjusted overload stops ensure the best possible protection against load cell damage to give you confidence in your scale’s accuracy.

High Durability

The electropolished, fully stainless steel construction is designed to withstand harsh environments to ensure equipment reliability and longevity.

Hygienic Design

The open, sturdy frame design provides easy access to all parts of the construction to improve cleaning efficiency and eliminate contamination risk.

Precise leveling

The fixed mounting plate offers a leveling bubble to help operators determine the optimal positioning for accurate weighing results, and easily adjustable feet allow for quick and precise leveling execution.

Optional Hygienic Kit

To further reduce the risk of contamination, this platform series offers and optional hygienic kit, containing leveling feet and overload stops without open threads so water and residue have no place to collect and hide.