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METTLER TOLEDO PBA639 and PBD659 Weighing Platforms

In regulated, hygienic environments, ease of equipment sanitation is as important as operational performance. It is becoming increasingly important to streamline cleaning processes to not only eliminate contamination risk but also maximize productivity. The PBD659 /PBA639 stainless steel weighing platforms enable you to address these challenges with an optimized hygienic design.

The PBD659 and PBA639 are available with either an open or closed platter and are ideally suited for regulated environments like pharmaceuticals, Food and Beverage, Chemical, and Biotech.


Specification and Features – METTLER TOLEDO PBA639 and PBD659 Weighing Platforms

Link to PBA639 and PBA659 data brief



No Cavities for Crevices

The elimination of open threads, cavities, and dead spots helps to prevent contamination by giving bacteria nowhere to hide.

Open Frame Design

An open stainless steel frame design with rounded edges and minimal flat surfaces allows you to effectively clean every part of the scale to achieve higher hygienic standards with less effort.

Fully Protected Load Cell

This stainless steel, hermetically sealed load cell withstands harsh and we environments with IP68 and IP69K protection. The load cell is available in an analog version (PBA639) and a smart digital version (PBD659). The smart load cell can be easily connected and disconnected for maximum efficiency and uptime.

Hazardous Area Approval

The PBA639 platform series is also available with global EX approvals for use in Zone 1/21, Div. 1 and Zone 2/22, Div.2 hazardous environments.

Unique Impact Protection

Optimally placed and independently adjusted overload stops and additional side impact protection maintains your load cell’s accuracy and the efficiency of your processes in rough industrial environments.

Simplified Leveling

The platform enables easy set-up and tool-less leveling, so operators can move the scale for cleaning and quickly place it back to continue working without excessive downtime.