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The VTC190 truck scale delivers premium performance and extreme longevity at an affordable price. This concrete deck truck scale is designed to weigh highway vehicles in commercial-duty applications. By combining POWERCELL® GDD® technology with a galvanized finish, the VTC190 truck scale has the staying power to handle your workload for many years to come:

  • POWERCELL® GDD® load cells use advanced diagnostic capabilities to ensure maximum longevity with minimum maintenance.
  • The scale’s steel frame has a galvanized finish for a long, maintenance-free life.
  • The scale is designed to be weatherproof, resisting rust, moisture damage, and lightning damage.

This rugged and highly reliable truck scale is backed by the industry’s finest service network and most powerful 5-year warranty.

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Specifications – VTC190 Truck Scale

VTC190 Truck Scale


Specifications US Metric
Concrete Thickness 11.25 in 286 mm
Scale Widths 10 ft, 11 ft 3 m, 3.4 m
Scale Lengths 17.5 to 120 ft 5.3 to 36.6 m
Profile 14.5 in 368 mm
Module Lengths 17.5 ft, 20 ft 5.3 m, 6.1 m
Capacity* 120,000 lb (< 20 ft)

200,000 lb (> 20 ft)

60 tons (< 6.1 m)

100 tons (> 6.1 m)

Concentrated Load Capacity 80,000 lb 40 tons
eMin 20 lb 10 kg
nMax 10,000 divisions
Steel Type ASTM A 123, hot-dip galvanized
Foundation Type Variable Footer
NTEP Certificate 14-099

Note: 200,000 lb (100 tons) is the maximum gross capacity that any truck scale can have and still maintain 20-lb (10-kg) increments in legal-for-trade applications.

Features Benefits
StrikeShield™ Lightning Protection Prevents lightning damage to load cells and other equipment.
Galvanized Finish Protects steel against corrosion even in the harshest environments.
30t POWERCELL® GDD® Load Cells Digital technology provides accurate vehicle weighing.
Top Access to Load Cells Makes it easy to perform inspections and maintenance.