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MS-TS Precision Balance

The robust construction of the MS-TS precision balances makes them perfect for heavier tasks in the laboratory or out on the factory floor. The unique MonoBloc weighing cell delivers the accuracy you need and is fully protected against accidental overload.

Delivering consistently reliable results, even in harsh environments, these balances will also deliver a fast return on your investment.

The 7” extra-large color TFT touchscreen display is operable through cotton, silicone, and rubber gloves. An intuitive user interface and 18mm high digits bring comfort to your daily tasks.

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MS-TS Precision Balance – 1 mg readability

MS-TS precision


MS-TS Precision Balance – 0.01 g – 0.1 g readability

MS-TS Precision Balance



Accurate Results
  • MonoBloc weighing cell
  • Strong overload protection
  • proFACT internal adjustment
  • MinWeigh warning function
  • Full metal housing
Efficient Operation
  • 7” Extra-large color TFT touchscreen
  • 18 mm high digits
  • LevelControl function
  • Statistical data analysis
  • Easy cleaning
  • LevelLock
  • QuickLock
Quality Assurance
  • ISO-Log
  • Sample ID input
  • Passcode protection
Seamless Process
  • 3 interfacts: USB device, USB host, RS232
  • Bluetooth option
  • PC Direct application