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OHAUS Courier 5000 Shipping Scale

Low-Profile Scales Ideal for General Shipping and Animal Weighing Applications

The Courier 5000 Series shipping scales feature a sturdy low-profile design with a stainless steel top, making them tough enough for shipping applications, and easy to clean for small veterinary applications. Data is clearly legible on a large, bright 28 mm display, and UPS system communication protocol is included. Our proprietary Weight Alert™ mode will warn users if packages are too heavy, for example, to be sent by post or truck.



OHAUS Courier 5000 Shipping Scale Specifications

Link to Ohaus Courier 5000 Shipping scale data sheet


Unique Features:


Easy-to-use scales for general shipping use with painted steel base. Stainless steel pan holds up to daily use and is easy to keep sanitary—adjustable display for mounting to adapt to your workspace.


Image of Courier 5000 shipping scale with box being packed

The Dynamic Weighing/Display Hold application is ideal for large boxes and packages as it retains weight data on the display – also ideal for animals in veterinary use.


Image of back of Ohaus Courier 5000 shipping scale indicator

AC adapter power included. Simple USB type C for data and power connection – includes UPS software protocol string. It can also run using disposable battery power.



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