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PBK9 Bench Platforms

Accurate weighing helps you manage raw materials, ensure compliance with regulations and improve your product quality. For floor scale applications that require reliability with the best accuracy available, the PFK9 Weighing Platforms provide industry-leading performance. The wide range of platforms with four capacities from 300 to 3000 kilograms in four different sizes makes it suitable for a variety of applications and industries. The PFK9 Weighing Platforms can be connected to numerous METTLER TOLEDO terminals resulting in top-class weighing systems with benefits such as

  • 30 000e resolution in legal-for-trade applications
  • Up to 750 000d resolution for non-approved applications
  • For safe as well as hazardous areas (Cat. 3 and DIV 2)
  • IP66/IP68 Ingress Protection
  • Easy maintenance with built-in calibration weight
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PBK9 Bench Scale Specifications

Link to PBK9 bench scale data brief


 PBK scale with terminal
Consistent Accuracy

Vibration, wind and temperature variances are outside influences that can cause errors in your formulations or mistakes in counting. The PBK9 Weighing Platforms virtually eliminate those risks, thanks to the Monobloc load cell and the robust design of the scale body, which absorb environmental interference.

 Image of high precision load cell
Smart Load-Cell Technology

The load cell, with Monobloc technology, is at the core of the PBK9 Weighing Platforms and guarantees the highest precision and reliability. A robust load–cell housing features integrated overload protection and durable mechanical interfaces. This ensures stable weight values for many years of intensive use.

 Image of the PBK9 Bench Scale base without platter
Functional Design

The unique construction of the platform makes it suitable for a variety of challenging environments. The overload protection in combination with the built-in lever and bearing mechanical structure ensures the scale maintains peak performance regardless of the application.


 Image of hazardous area symbol
Hazardous Environments

When working in a hazardous environment, safety is key. The PBK9 Weighing Platforms are approved for use in hazardous areas for Category 3 and Division 2 for top performance in gaseous and dusty environments