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PHD779 Hygienic Digital Floor Scale

Combine the power of POWERCELL technology® with our fully optimized hygienic design. The ultra-low-profile PHD779 platforms alleviate the most common floor scale challenges to speed up every part of your process, from loading and unloading to cleaning between cycles. ​

Choose from the static, mobile, or easy-lift models to optimize your operation. With in-process accuracy of up to 60,000d, you can weigh with tighter tolerances to reduce product waste and improve profitability.​

Choose from the static, mobile, or easy-lift models to optimize your operation. All members of the PHD779 family feature ultra-low platform heights for easy loading and unloading, hermetically sealed load cells to protect against water ingress, and factory calibration to speed up installation time.

Please note that scale indicators/displays are sold separately. Specific METTLER TOLEDO indicators are required to take advantage of some features, like operator guidance.


PHD779 Hygienic Digital Floor Scale Specifications

Link to PHD779 Data Brief


All PHD779 scale models offer the following benefits:

Performance Protection

With POWERCELL technology, there is no junction box required. Cables and other key components are protected within the scale to eliminate the risk of hardware damage and maximize equipment uptime.

Operator Guidance

The center placement feature highlights load placement errors and directs your operator to position the load correctly, preventing incorrect measurements and minimizing waste.

Hazardous-Area Approved

The PHD779 series is available with global EX approvals for use in Zone 2/22 hazardous environments.

Model Configurations

The static model of the PHD779 satisfies the requirements of most traditional weighing applications with all of the benefits of our thoughtful hygienic design, large platform sizes, uniquely high accuracy, and smart POWERCELL technology.


The PHD779lift floor scale, with a fully sealed bottom plate and unique failure-proof lifting functionality, reduces clean room hazards and helps you to protect operator and consumer safety.​


If you require the flexibility to weigh in multiple locations across your facility or easily relocate the scale when it is not in use, the PHD779mobile enables you to streamline your processes with safe, convenient mobility. Efficiently move your scale to a different station, relate when cleaning, or quickly reconfigure your workplace.

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